Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tea with Vince Gisriel - Hearts Away, Bombs Away! - this Saturday

Saturday the 29th, 3-5pm -
Local Vincent Gisriel, author of the WW II memoir “Hearts Away, Bombs Away” will join us for tea/coffee/cocoa and cookies.

Vince says

My father, Vincent dePaul Gisriel, Sr., was a bombardier during World War II. He served with the 8th Air Force based in England. When he passed away in 2003, some of the men who had served with him told me about their combat experiences in the skies over Germany and occupied Europe. It was then that I realized that my father was actually a wartime hero. Like so many other veterans of that era, he did not talk very much about the war. While growing up, I only had a vague idea of what my Dad did in the military. At the age of 62, I decided to find out more about the man whom I knew and loved all my life, but knew little about his service to our country.

Over a three year period, I gathered many details about my father's military career. I sifted through hundreds of pages searching for bits of information in an attempt to tell his story. I was able to document a major portion of his time in the Army Air Corps. I knew that my parents had corresponded extensively during the war. They saved the many letters written between them. I thought that if I could read them all, it would reveal additional aspects about his military service. I quickly discovered that he could not write about military strategy or bombing missions he flew, for that would have been a breach of security.

However, what I did discover from reading over a thousand letters between them was a beautiful love story. Thus, Hearts Away, Bombs Away is a true story about an American hero, but it is also a story of a young couple who were deeply in love.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Folk Music plus Autism Talk this weekend!

Maugorn the Stray, aka Steve Haug, returns 3-6pm the Saturday - Cookies and Tea/Coffee/Cocoa will be available. Steve has an extensive list of songs you can request!

Sunday, 3-5pm we have a presentation on Autism Ability -
Zosia Zaks joins us to talk about coping with Autism and Asbergers in everyday life and to discuss her books.

Zosia Zaks, M.S., M.Ed., works primarily as a disability advocate and as a teacher. She consults with autistic adults and the families of autistic children to address issues based on autistic
strengths. In addition to consulting, speaking, and writing on issues of importance to the autism community, Zosia teaches disabled adults community living and academic skills.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Book Launch this weekend - Home Ground!

Local Jack Wennerstrom, known for his naturalist books on Soldiers Delight and the Potomac Valley, has published a novel. Coffee/Tea and munchies available too. Black Coffee, the other novel, will be available at this event for only $10. Limited copies of the naturalist titles will also be available at the signing.

Saturday 15 Jan. 2011, 3-5pm.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! Bring it on, 2011! And your calendar too!

We will be open 11am to 5pm today, New Year's Day, 2011.
We will be hosting coffee, tea, cocoa, bagels, cream cheese, homemade jam, and later on, cookies.

3-5pm, We'll have Glyndon local KAL (Kevin Kallaugher) stopping by to sign his wonderful calendars.

Come on down!