Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fluffy, charming murder mystery

This one is candy for the brain. Nancy Martin's Cross Your Heart And Hope To Die: A Blackbird Sisters Mystery is yet another charmer in a series that features a society page journalist from Philadelphia. Nora Blackbird has a set of parents who escaped bankruptcy by fleeing to the islands and leaving the daughters to pay the bills; a set of sisters who drive her nuts; a boyfriend avoiding the Family Business; lots of friends with connections; an aggressive puppy named Spike - and a murdered boss. Since Nora has the most to win from her boss's demise, she and her friends become suspects. OK so no one LIKED the boss but everyone respected her. The plot is decent, the characterizations great, and the humor is shaken, not stirred.

My favorite - laugh-out-loud - scene occurred when Spike decided to get up close and personal with Philadelphia's Finest's pants legs.

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