Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dzur by Stephen Brust (mass market paperback)

This latest entry in the Vlad Taltos series has Vlad returning from the East, going to have dinner at Valabar's (the man can review a restaurant, let me tell you!), discussing courage with a couple of Dzurlords - Sethra Lavode and her apprentice Telnan, and helping estranged wife Cawti hang onto South Andrilankha. As usual, someone is out to kill him but this time it's BOTH the Left and Right Hands of the Jhereg. What evens the odds is Vlad's new Great Weapon and his friends - including the Dzurlords and Mario Greymist. Yep, Mario really exists!

This is standard, satisfying fare for those who like the first few books in the series. All the favorite scenarios and characters. Cawti and Vlad are still not together but I'm not sure Vlad-the-character is cut out for happiness...he seems to be too much of an adrenalin junkie to settle down.

Lauretta Nagel

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