Wednesday, February 6, 2008

T for Trespass Sue Grafton

Sue Grafton has sown some thoughtful observations on character into this book. We meet a sociopath who is always one step ahead of Kinsey. This is a view of Kinsey from another's eyes. She smelt her scent ' something feminine and floral that didn't suit her at all.' Our sociopath thought 'The hazel of her eyes was eerie - green with gold flecks and a lighter ring around the iris that made her eyes blaze like a wolf's.' I have grown so used to Kinsey - we are in the last quarter of the alphabet now. This description gave me a thrill reading it.

Kinsey has the usual profile for a private detective - difficulty with relationships and commitment(the lone wolf maybe?) , curiosity, perseverance, a rule breaker, a hunter who presses on past the social boundaries to catch her prey. She is cunning with an ability to think on her feet - some might call it lying.

A twitch one way and these qualities are a plus for for society - rounding up the baddies. A twitch the other way and we have a person who preys on society.

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