Friday, July 25, 2008

FREE Book-related material on the internet

Taking them in the order they release:

Breaking Dawn fans: Did you know that Stephenie Meyers is working on a version of Twilight as seen by Edward? It's called Midnight Sun and you can read the first chapter for FREE here. Remember Breaking Dawn releases at one minute past Midnight Friday August 1st, 2008. Well, technically, August 2nd. We are having a party - starting at 9pm and going until 1am. Come on by - bring your prom outfits or a costume; bring your fan fiction; bring your opinions (Team Edward? Team Jacob? Team Switzerland?).

Fantasy fans! Some of you know from our website or from Library Thing that Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine are making a return visit on August 23rd. Well, their publisher is running a sweet deal involving FREE copies of their books in electronic format. Thanks Dragon Moon Press! NOTE - We will have copies of these books once they release 8/8/2008.

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