Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reading more science - a challenge

The folks at Scienticity have issued a challenge. To quote them, 'Read at least three nonfiction books in 2009 related somehow to the theme "Nature's Wonders". Your books should have something to do with science, scientists, how science operates, or science's relationship with its surrounding culture. Your books might be popularizations of science, they might be histories, they might be biographies, they might be anthologies; they can be recent titles or older books. We take a very broad view of what makes for interesting and informative science reading.

After you've read a book, write a short note about it, giving your opinion of the book. What goes in the note? The things you would tell a friend if you wanted to convince your friend to read it--or avoid it.'

Then post the note at

Thanks to HeatherJ for the heads-up.

Easy, huh? Spread the word!


Heather J. said...

Are you joining in Lauretta? If so, which books are you planning to read?

Constellation Books said...

I think I may re-read "The Origin of Species" by Darwin - since 2009 is his bicentennial.

I haven't yet picked out the other ywo. I'll post them when I do.

J. Shepherd said...

Is there a particular publication of On the Origin of Species you'd recommend? I haven't read it yet, and I know there are various printings.

Constellation Books said...


The version I'm reading can be found

It's an Oxford University Press edition, with glossaries and appendices. Let me know which one you choose!