Friday, June 26, 2009

Tea with the Author tomorrow!

Saturday, 27 June 2009, 3-5pm

J.M. E. Flowers, author of the mystery “Searching for Blue Mercury,” will join us for Tea, coffee and cookies. Her book, Searching for Blue Mercury, is a mystery.

Monty Parker, Chief Detective on a serial killing case, sat immobilized at his desk. Lately the demons from his past had increasingly begun to take a greater hold on his life. The hallucinations that had haunted him since childhood were beckoning him. Now as he fought them with every fiber of strength he could rally as he realized the horrible truth. He knew the people that this monster had killed and mutilated. In police work that might have been true for one or two, but six? As he delved deeper into the files, he knew. These people were not some obscure, isolated cases. Their connection to him could mean only one thing. The person who committed these horrendous crimes was close to him, maybe even himself. He had to find out, to sabotage the files until he could sort it all out. Then there was Helen, his wife, Zoe his daughter, and Bev his lover to consider. How would they be affected by the turn of events that would surely follow him to their final conclusion? Follow Parker as he weaves his way through a spine tingling story of intrigue, insanity and coming to grips with his own reality. This story promises to hold your attention until the very last sentence.

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