Sunday, October 25, 2009

Underground Railroad

Well, how about this? Saturday, we had a visit from a couple who knew quite a bit about the our building. Miss Mary Ellen's godmother used to own 303 Main Street - Edna Mae Uhler. She said that this building - back in the day - was INDEED on the Underground Railroad. Cool, huh? I tried to find out if there was written confirmation anywhere, but she didn't think there was. Pity, that.

This is really amazing, considering we just received 5 copies of The Underground Rail Road by William Still, first published in 1872 and recently reprinted.

I can just imagine folks hiding in the root cellar underneath the side that housed the post office (where Kids, Parenting and Science Fiction now live); then boxing themselves up to be put on the mail coach for Pennsylvania. God bless them.


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Heather J. said...

wow, this is so cool!