Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cozy murder mystery with a hardcore twist

Thistle and Twigg, by Mary Saums, starts out like a typical Southern-style cozy mystery but ends with a satisfying hardcore twist worthy of Sue Grafton. We join Jane Thistle, recently widowed military wife and archeology enthusiast, as she settles in Alabama forest, which reminds her of her childhood in England. The Point of View goes back and forth between Jane and her new friend, Phoebe Twigg...who might have relatives amongst Janet Evanovich's characters. Yes, Phoebe has to be read to be enjoyed! I didn't laugh out out but the snickers went on and on.

Until I got to the twist and my eyes got really big. I can't tell you - you have to read it. REALLY. Find it at your local library or bookstore - really, really.

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