Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Kiss Before the Apocalypse by Thomas E. Sniegoski

A Kiss Before the Apocalypse, by Thomas E. Sniegoski, is an original blend of Private-Detective-Noir and Angel-Demon-Armaggedon genres. The characters are extremely well-developed, as are the scenery descriptions.

Remy is an angel that walked away from his job after the battle with Lucifer and his mates. When we meet him, he is living among humans on Earth, with a dog, a wife with a terminal illness, and a private investigator's license. One of his surveillance targets commits suicide but manages not to die. In the process of talking to his police friends about it, he finds out NO ONE is dying...and the hospitals are getting clogged. Then his former colleagues, the Seraphim, assign him to a missing persons case - the Angel of Death. Everything proceeds to go to Hell in a Handbasket.

Buffy and Angel fans will like this - but then so will Raymond Chandler, Simon Green, and Jim Butcher fans.

My absolute favorite scene was the dog trashing the living room, despite the fact that Remy told him not to. It just goes to show that you may be an angel - and able to talk to all creatures - but that doesn't mean the creatures will LISTEN.

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