Friday, June 13, 2008

Making Your Money Go Farther

Local Reisterstown author Joseph Ganem has put a number of handy calculators up on his website. Want to know whether it's better to drive further to a gas station that has cheaper gas? Are you a Mom trying to decide whether it's better to go back to work, despite the cost of daycare, gas, etc.? How much do you really save when you buy on sale? These questions and more are offered by the author of The Two Headed Quarter: How to See Through Deceptive Numbers and Save Money on Everything You Buy.

The Two Headed Quarter won a gold medal in the category "Finance/Investment/Economics" of the 2008 Independent Publisher Awards at Book Expo America this past May. Congrats to Joe and keep those tips coming!

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Melissa said...

That's a really interesting site. I'm sure a lot of the people I know would find that interesting, too.