Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hardly Knew Her Laura Lippman

Laura Lippman has written some wicked, wicked stories, full of verve and sly, twisted humor. The women characters always seem to prevail - in any situation.

Take Mona of the five husbands who is asked to star in porn films for a 'niche' audience. She wins out by maneuvering into a bigger and more powerful role and husband number six.

She has also written three Tess stories. One is an interview of Tess conducted by Laura Lippman of the Beacon Light. You see how clever she is? Her writing seems more varied and colorful than her novels. Different genre maybe? There enough 'heroines' here to inspire us for a long time.

Take Heloise,a madam who accidentally meets a client at her son's soccer game. He turns out to be a bully intent on blackmailing her. How Heloise 'disposes' of him is a revelation.
Laura Lippman , lady of the main chance, please write some more short stories.

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