Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Likeness Tana French

I was blessed two weekends ago, remember all that rain? I had Tana French's latest book right beside the bed. You might remember her first book - "In the Woods" is still on the Indie Best seller's Paperback List. Cassie is the narrator as she goes undercover again. Is she mixing with drug dealers again? No, just a group of graduate students in a old house. One of them has turned up murdered and the surprising thing is she could be Cassie's double. Plus she is using the identity Cassie created for her first undercover job. After some coaching Cassie assumes this woman's life while her boss tries to uncover the stranger's real identity. Cassie is still unsettled by her experiences in the first book and she's unhappy in the domestic violence unit. To belong to this close knit group of students gives her the support she could have used before. Will Cassie shift her alliegance and let this cozy world envelop her?

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