Wednesday, February 3, 2010

10% off all Macmillan Authors!

It seems that Amazon still has not resumed selling new copies of Macmillan titles. This means some of our favorite authors are not selling and not selling means not being able to pay their bills. We don't like this so we are offering 10% (percent!!) off all Macmillan authors. This includes the following imprints:

St. Martin's
Henry Holt
Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux

Note - I understand from one of my customers that Amazon has also delisted Macmillan from the Kindles. Her sister was in the middle of a mystery, only to find it's not accessible any more. Yep, it was a Macmillan title. :/

edited to fix the % symbol - it was a $


Kendall said...

My understanding was that they removed the 'buy' buttons for Kindle and print editions.

I've heard nothing about titles disappearing from Kindles--is that what your customer's sister is claiming...or was she in the middle of reading a print version and went to buy the Kindle, and couldn't?! (I'd've expected to hear about that on author blogs, if anyone's books actually disappeared off the Kindle.)

Constellation Books said...

She was reading the mystery on the Kindle. One day the book was there, the next day it wasn't. She's a trucker so she doesn't get to read the news a lot on the road so she called her sister, my customer. The customer had been following the Macmillan/Amazon spat in the news and talked to her about it.

I find this both bizarre (she paid for it!) and worrying.

Kendall said...

Yipes, sounds like the 1984 thing that happened a while back where Amazon pulled it from everyone's Kindle who'd bought it. ;-( I wonder if there was something else doing on and it's a coincidence of timing--again, just surprised I haven't seen other comments about this happening.

Anyway thanks for confirming/clarifying!