Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Black Book of Secrets by E.F. Higgins

Wow. This starts out with a frantic chase as young Ludlow Fitch escapes The City and those who pull his teeth to sell for dentures. Oh yeah - no anesthesia. At the end of his exhausted but successful chase, he apprentices himself to a pawnbroker in a remote village. Joe pawns more than just objects - he pawns secrets too, and everyone has a secret to tell.

This is a dark novel, full of grave-robbers and pick-pockets, but it is also a novel of trust and the redeeming qualities of confession. It's great for those who dig Edgar Allen Poe.

Note - though this is listed as a middle-school aged books, I would recommend this for older kids (12+) and adults because of the sheer creepiness of the confessions.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE This book Its sad I finished it!