Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Just off the UPS Truck!

We just got a big delivery -

More calendars - everything from The Lazy Environmentalist to cats, pugs, and peeps.

Poetry as Insurgent Art by Lawrence Ferlenghetti
Some of you remember Ferlenghetti for his work with beat poets like Ginsberg ("Howl," anyone?) but he is a poet in his own right - and he has continued to add to this classic book. It is hard to imagine a more challenging, provoking, reactionary set of poems.

The Penalty by Mal Peet - in this middle-school age book, a teenage soccer prodigy disappears in San Juan, right after missing a penalty kick and losing a big game. A mystery combining suspense and soccer.

Disguised: a Wartime Memoir by Rita la Fontaine de Clercq Zubli
Rita recounts being hidden as a 12 year old boy when the Japanese invade her Indonesian island in 1942. It was that or be forced into a life as a "comfort woman." This remarkable memoir covers the entire 3 years she spent in the prison camps.

For upcoming holidays -
Several little gift kit/boxes - Little Book of Hanukkah; Snowman in a Box; Teeny-weeny Martini; the Golden Snitch.

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